Visiting Surgeon Program

By the end of 2018, five surgeons will have been supported as a Visiting Surgeon this year through a grant from IASA.


VSP is designed to facilitate educational exchange between interested spine surgeons for the benefit of practicing surgeons in India and their patients. The program works in two ways:

  1. Surgeons from India can apply for a 3-5 day visit to the US or the UK to hone their skills in a specific technique. This opportunity is for more experienced surgeons only.
  2. An institution in India can request a seasoned surgeon from abroad to visit the hospital. The surgeon will be selected and based upon their expertise in a specific area of interest to the host clinic, such as minimally invasive procedures, degenerative spine, tumor, trauma, pediatric deformity, etc. Host clinics will, with the visiting surgeon, design a program agenda that accomplishes the goals of the visit. Minimally, the visiting surgeon would be expected to give a grand rounds lecture to faculty and staff, participate in patient clinics, educating residents and staff surgeons, participate in local conferences as may be held, and where feasible, participate in or observe surgical procedures. Duration of each visit will be subject to the program content. IASA will support a VSP up to 5 days at the host clinic.



IASA will cover the following expenses:

  • Round-trip airfare
  • Lodging up to 5-nights stay depending upon program agenda.


Application procedure

Applications should be submitted at least 90 days in advance of the preferred VSP dates. All communication should be emailed or mailed to Nazie Dana, Managing Director, at:


Host Application Visitor Application


A VSP with Dr. Munish Gupta

I sincerely thank the Indo-American Spine Alliance (IASA), Nazie Dana, and Prof. Munish Gupta for giving me the opportunity for a visiting surgeon experience at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Shriners Hospital for Children, and Saint Louis Children Hospital. It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience of my life and I am honored to have had the opportunity.

I will keep on relishing the taste of wonderful hospitality and affection I received from Dr. Gupta. The extent to which he went to take care of me is unimaginable. He was my mentor and guide throughout this program.

This program started with “Spine Masters’ Surgical Technique” course on 10-11th May that was an exceptionally excellent academic feast, full of all flavors of a good spine meeting including live surgeries, didactic lectures, and interactive case discussions. The invited faculty was awesome too and included many stalwarts like Alexander Vaccaro, Claudia Lamartina, Keith Bridwell, and Chris Shaffrey. Among live surgeries, I was amazed by pedicle subtraction osteotomy performed by Dr. Gupta and front back cervical surgery performed by Dr. Neil Wright. This meeting helped me in understanding various future prospects in the field of spine surgery.

I learned various surgical techniques from Dr. Gupta including pedicle subtraction osteotomy, cervical pars screw placement, lateral mass screws, ACDF and pars repair. He also shared several tips regarding revision adult deformity surgery. I really appreciated his scoliosis correction technique, especially the anterior approach. His surgeries for grotesque deformities, both scoliosis and kyphosis correction, were just perfect. I enjoyed joining Dr. Gupta in his pediatric and adult deformity out patient clinics where I saw several interesting cases and had quite a good academic deliberations about them. It was amazing to see their organized way of conducting the OPD.

Dr. Gupta was kind enough to show me all his cases from 2015 onwards, which he and Tricia meticulously keep in a PowerPoint format. We discussed X-rays of all scoliosis surgeries daily, which clarified many of my doubts and helped me boost my confidence. I presented my series of three column osteotomies to Dr. Gupta and his fellows too. I also attended daily meetings, Grand Rounds and various academic activities of the department that were all enlightening.

I would like to recommend every spinal deformity surgeon to attend Dr. Gupta’s Spine Center in Saint Louis. This program has helped me a lot in managing my scoliosis patients’ back in India. I have understood some important as well as newer concepts in the management of spinal deformities.
I would also like to sincerely thank Dr. Michael Kelly, Alekos Theologies, Pablo, and other team members for giving me so much attention and care. I express my cordial gratitude to the staff of Orthopaedics Department and Spine Center including Tricia Nester who helped me in all possible ways. I also want to thank IASA for giving me an opportunity to visit such an excellent center.

Dr. Bhavuk Garg

Associate Professor
Department of Orthopaedics
All India Institute of Medical Sciences
New Delhi