Humanitarian Missions

IASA supports mission trips for the treatment of disadvantaged patients in India. We support programs consisting of outpatient clinics, surgeries, post-operatives rounds, and teaching seminars for the benefit of local healthcare staff.

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Bringing Smiles to Children’s Faces

Another Successful Humanitarian Mission in Ahmedabad


The amazing team of the 2017 Ahmedabad mission – From left, Dr. Shaishav Bhagat (UK), Dr. Ashwin Patel (US), Mr. Mushtaq Shaikh (UK), Dr. Sashin Ahuja (UK), Dr. Rakesh Patel (US), and Rob Zoll, (STPSpine, US). Not present: Dr. Amit Jhala (India), Dr. Nisarg Parikh (India), and Dr. Bharat Oza (India)

IASA has an ongoing partnership with the Health & Care Foundation, a charitable non-profit organization in Ahmedabad. We have been supporting, for the past three years, a group of UK surgeons and neuro-monitoring specialists who would organize the details of the mission. IASA decided to open this opportunity to other members interested in volunteering for a mission and in 2017 we did just that.

A group of five spine surgeons – two from the UK, two from the US, and one with a local practice in Ahmedabad came together in November 2017 to do seven complex and successful surgeries on children with scoliosis, ranging from 5 to 17 years of age. Dr. Sashin Ahuja, Dr. Shaishav Bhagat and a neuro-monitoring specialist Mr. Mushtaq Shaikh, all from the UK, had been to the Health & Care on other missions in the past. IASA recruited Dr. Ashvin Patel and Dr. Rakesh Patel, both from the US, to join the other surgeons for the November 2017 mission trip. Dr. Amit Jhala of Ahmedabad has an established relationship with the Health & Care Foundation and without him as the local anchor, none of the missions would have been possible. Dr. Jhala not only recruits and screens the patients ahead of time, he also continues post op check-ups on the children as needed. In addition, Dr. Nisarg Parikh, Dr. Jhala’s Fellow joined to learn new techniques. Anesthesiologist Dr. Bharat Oza was also present for all seven surgeries.

To learn more about this mission trip, please refer to our Issue #10 of IASA Newsletter:

Post-op photos of two of the patients after surgery.